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Error: 21:10

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System Error 21:10

Error Variations: 21:03, 21:13, 21.1:10, 21.2:10, 21.3:10, 21.4:10, 21.5:03

What does it mean?

The printer has detected a possible fault relating to the Service Station Assembly.

(The main function of the service station is to maintain the printheads in the carriage assembly and to manage the waste ink.)

Why am I getting this error?

The printer has detected failure when moving the service station or one of it’s associated components.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Restart the printer to see if the error goes.

Turn OFF the printer and ensure the service station path is clear. Remove any visible objects, such as paper, restricting the movement of the service station.

(Depending on your printer model, the service station is located in either the left or right end:

(Left End: T920, T930, T1500, T1530, T2500, T2530, T3500, T1600, T2600, XL3600)

(Right End: 500, 510, 800, T610, T620, T1100, T1120, T770, T1200, T790, T1300, T2300, T7100, T7200, Z2100, Z3100, Z3200, Z2600, Z5200, Z5400, Z5600, Z6, Z9, Z6100, Z6200, Z6600, Z6800, Z6810, All HP Latex)

I've tried the above but the error still appears. What do I do?

It would appear that there is a hardware issue with the service station or related component (Primer motor, web wipe servo, rack engage motor, spit roller engage motor)

Get in touch with our support team to discuss this error and get a quotation for repair.

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Affected Models: Error 21:10

HP Designjet Printers (Technical): 500, 510, 800, T610, T1100, T1120, T620, T770. T1200, T790, T1300, T2300, T920, T1500, T2500, T3500, T930, T1530, T2530, T7100, T7200

HP Designjet Printers (Graphics): Z2100, Z2600, Z3100, Z3200, Z5200, Z5400, Z5600, Z6100, Z6200, Z6600, Z6800, Z6810, Z6, Z9

HP Latex Printers: L25500, L26500, L28500, L260, L280, L310, L330, L360, L560, L570, L115, L315, L335, L365

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