HP Designjet 500, 510, 800
Repair, Service and Maintenance

HP Designjet 500, 510 or 800 repair service maintenance

Service & Support
for your HP Designjet 500, 510, 800 Printer/Plotter.

We offer on-site HP Designjet 500, 510, 800 Printer & Plotter repairs, servicing and maintenance.


Our HP Plotter Engineers are available to discuss any faults, error codes or issues you may have on your HP Designjet 500, 510 or 800 Printer. From paper jams, media profiles through to urgent breakdown repairs we can support your equipment.


If you have been experiencing print quality issues on your HP Designjet 500, 510 or 800 then it could be time to book your printer in for a preventive maintenance service. Our experienced engineer will service the high usage components, replace lubrication felt pads, cleans and finally re-calibrate your printer to optimise your image quality.

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When you call us you can be assured that your enquiry is dealt with by one of our expert HP Plotter technicians.

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HP Designjet 500 Repair

HP Designjet 510 Repair

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HP Designjet 500, 510, 800 Range

C7769F HP Designjet 500 Plus 24in

C7769G HP Designjet 500ps Plus 24in

C7770B HP Designjet 500 42in

C7770F HP Designjet 500 Plus 42in

C7770G HP Designjet 500ps Plus 42in

CH366A HP Designjet 510 24in

CH337A HP Designjet 510 42in

CJ996A HP Designjet 510ps 24in

CJ997A HP Designjet 510ps 42in

C7779B HP Designjet 800 24in

C7779C HP Designjet 800ps 24in

C7780B HP Designjet 800 42in

C7780C HP Designjet 800ps 42in

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Following recent advice from GOV.UK, we are are now in a position to resume selected on-site repairs. Find out more
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